How to get ADB working with Micromax A70

There were some problems in getting ADB to work with Micromax A70. Not any more..


  1. 91 PC suite (Download)
  2. Micromax A70 USB drivers (Download)
  3. Install the android SDK usingthis article


  1. Extract the USB drivers for Micromax A70. Connect the phone to the computer, point the found new hardware wizard to search for the drivers in the folder in which the drivers were extracted (Also check ‘Include Sub Folders’).
  2. Install 91 PC Suite. The Interface might be in Chinese. To change it to English click on the white android phone on the upper left corner of the 91 PC Suite Windows, point to the 3rd option in the list and click on English.
    Restart 91 PC Suite and let it detect the phone. Leave it open in the background.
  3. Now, type  adb devices in command prompt. (you will notice that it will not try to start the daemon server as it will use the daemon server provided by 91 PC Suite)

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