This ROM is Based On Indian Official ROM DDKQ5 Allowing Many
Modifications Which Wasnt Possible Before.

Some of the Main Features Of the Latest Creed’s Rom are:

*ext4 File System
*Darktemor app2sd
*Pre Rooted
*Pre Deodexed
*Busy Box Installed
*Zip Aligned System Apps
*Custom Boot Animation Enabled
*Overscroll Glow Mod Working
*CRT Screen Off Animation
*Much Faster Than The Stock ROM
*Fully Transparent and Glassy Touchwiz Launcher with Landscape Mode and Alphabetical Arrange.
*Maps With World Navigations Included
*All Apps Updated,So U Save 10-15mb Of Your Precious Memory
*Boot Time Heavily Reduced



Changes in v1.5.
*Full ICS theme
*ICS Transition Animation
*Keyboard bug Fix from v1.4
*ICS Ringtones
*Hacked Host File Added Again From v1.3
*Fully Working AllinOne RamScript
*Black Color Doesnt appears while scrolling which was there in 1.3 & 1.4
*Bigger APN list
*Removed Swype (A 10mb waste for most)
(Arabic Patch Will be Uploaded Soon)


To Flash This ROM follow the steps blow:
1.Power Off Your Phone.
2.Boot in Recovery By Pressing and Holding
Middle Button + Power Button Together.
3.Touch wont work here,so Use Volume Keys to navigate
and Middle Key for OK.
4.Do Data Reset.
5.After Data Reset take Out The Battery.
6.Boot into Download Mode by Pressing
Volume Down Key + Middle Key +Power Key altogether.
7.Connect Phone to PC via the USB.
8.Open ODIN.
9.In OPS option Select BENI.OPS.
11.In One Package Select the Creed ROM ‘.tar’ file.
12.Click On Start.
13.Wait For 5 Minutes.
14.You are Done.

HOW TO: (1.4+)

1.Download ROM and Copy to SD Card.
2.Install Clockworkmod Recovery From Here: CWM 5
3.Boot Into Recovery Mode.
4.Flash Via CWM.
5.Do a Data Reset.

Download Links and Updates:

CREED’s ROM v1.0 :


After Downloading This ROM Install This FIle From From Recovery for Internet problem Solutions..
thax @invincible authority

CREED’s ROM v1.3 :

CREED’s ROM v1.4 :

CREED’s ROM v1.5 :
See the Attachments below.


1.BlackUI Patch + 1% Battery Mod (Flash Via Android Recovery)
2.Arabic RTL Fix : http://www.multiupload.com/7PGNQX77XR
3.For the 3×4 Keypad Problems Flash This Via CWM recovery in 1.4 ROM .
4. 1.5 Rom :: 1% Battery Mod + Android Logo in apps background removed : (See the attachments)
5. For People Who Want Swype in 1.5 Rom Go Here : Swype (thanks:Gendows)
6. 1.5 Rom :: New Lockscreen and Call Receiver Style by Priyank Patel New Lockscreen+Call Receiver


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